General Terms and Conditions for registration and participating in the CCITP Conference at Congress Centre 'De Doelen', Rotterdam, The Netherlands October 17, 18 and 19 / 2018

The organizer is:
Stichting Sympopna
Postbus 14109
3508 SE Utrecht (The Netherlands)

The responsible party for the registrations process is:
Stichting Sympopna
Postbus 14109
3508 SE Utrecht (The Netherlands)
Phone: +31 1 6 831 91 953

1. Contract conclusion
Upon registration a contract is validly concluded with the Organizer regarding your participation in the CCITP Conference including all the additional services you have booked.

2. Remuneration and due date
2.1. Participation fee payment for all the services booked is due after receipt of the payment request/invoice. Please transfer the entire amount, consisting of conference fees, fees for the accompanying program if booked, to the specified account within the specified period with all charges paid. The participation fee and the fees for the accompanying program are exempt from VAT. Please inform us if you have any particular requests concerning invoicing. Your registration will be confirmed and invoice will be send via email. The only decisive factor for concluding the contract and the due date of your payment is your registration to attend the conference.

2.1.1. Reduced participation fee
By registering at a reduced participation fee, the Participant assures that he/she meets the relevant registration criteria (Experts by experience ipb without employment, representatives of patients or students ) at the time of participating in the conference. Upon our request, evidence thereof shall be presented. Otherwise, the full participation fee for the conference shall be paid. Such cost may also be invoiced additionally in retrospect. To register as an Expert by experience ipb without employment, representative of patient or student, first a request by mail is required to and approval must be received from the organization.

3. Cancellation
Changes and cancellations must be notified to the Organizer in written or electronic form, thereby stating the name, address and registration (invoice) number. The notification shall be addressed as follows: Stichting Sympopna Postbus Utrecht, The Netherlands The following cancellation terms apply:

3.1. Participation fee
The registration for the conference is binding. Following registration, 100% of the fee is payable. The registration can be canceled in written or electronic form until September 21 / 2018. Organizer will charge a handling fee in the amount of EUR 25.00 incl. 21% VAT for cancellation. 100% of the fee is payable if the registration is canceled after September 21 / 2018 or the Participant does not attend. Exceptions to this rule must be agreed with Organizer in writing and the decision will be taken by the Organizer on a case-by-case basis. The Organizer will accept a substitute participant, provided such substitute agrees to take over the arrangements made by the Participant in full.

3.4. Cancellation of the event
The Organizer reserves the right to cancel the conference if there are not enough participants or as a result of force majeure. In any case, we will seek to inform you as early as possible. In the event of such a cancellation any fees already paid, will naturally be reimbursed. Any claims beyond this scope are excluded.

4. Registration
All registrations are subject to the above General Terms and Conditions for registering for the conference. Certificates of attendance are not issued before payment has been made in full. The Organizer assumes no responsibility for lost or unused documents/certificates of attendance/badges. Reissue of such documents is subject to a charge of EUR 10.00 incl. 21% VAT.

5. Privacy policy
Personal customer or Participant data. Personal customer/Participant data is stored and processed only to the extent that this is required for implementing and handling the contractual relationship with the customer and as long as the Organizer is obliged by law to store such data. In order to register for the conference stated above, it is unavoidable that your personal data is collected, stored and processed. This is done solely for the purpose of organizing and implementing the event. Your data is only passed on to third parties that are directly involved in the organization of the conference. With registration the participant will agree that his/her information and mail data will be included in the database of Stichting Sympopna, CCITP and EAOF for information on services of these organizations.

6. Footage/photographs
Please note that film, photo and audio recordings may be made of all items on the program agenda associated with this booking within the scope provided by law. These may be processed, used, exploited and published without limitations regarding time and region by the Organizer free of charge in the scope of publicity in for example picture galleries, reviews and illustrations. Upon registering, the Participant agrees to such use.

7. Place of performance
Rotterdam, The Netherlands

8. Place of jurisdiction
The Netherlands

Version: date 05 - 03 - 2018

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