Excursion Rotterdam / October 17, 2018

Rokus Loopik is a Social Psychiatric Nurse and a Recovery Coach. He served homeless individuals with complex needs and 5 outreach teams as a team leader in Amsterdam for a period of 20 years. He works for the Trimbos Institute in countries like Moldova, Montenegro, Croatia, Bulgary and Romania. They reform Mental Health in these countries. He is the founder and leader of the Living Museum, a volunteer Outsider Art Living Museum in Haarlem. He organizes Learning Experiences for Peers, Professionals and Policy Makers to various countries in the world. He lost count of all the Experiences that he organized (75 and more).

For this occasion Rokus organizes a Learning Experience that will last a day. The day of the 17th October 2018. You will be visiting up to 5 different programs in the city of Rotterdam. Lunch is included, drinks in a genuine bar in Rotterdam, an OV-card (public transportation), a donation for the programs we visit, Rokus fee and a surprise act on the streets of Rotterdam.

Don't ask Rokus for a program of this day. We hope you will allow him to surprise you. The Experience will linger on in your head for years to come. It's inspiration, energy, innovation and creativity, packed in 6 hours of your time. At the end of the day, at 5pm, that's the moment to judge if this Experience is worth the money and time. Rokus and it, will not disappoint you. A limited portion of homework (one hour preparation time) is part of this Experience. Once you have registered you will receive regular updates on the day from Rokus.

Price for this great experience: € 235,-

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