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This page presents promotional videos about Rotterdam. .

Rotterdam Innovation Ecoysystem. Length1'18"
A short video about the Rotterdam Innovation Ecoystem. In ca. 80" you'll get a good impression of the dynamics and strength of entrepreneurial and innovative Rotterdam.

Promotional film Rotterdam. Make it Happen. Length 1'41"
Living, visiting, studying, doing business... experience the dynamic diversity of Rotterdam from morning to night in this new short film (1'41'). The city plays the leading role, but the film is also a stage for people interacting with each other and with the city. Of course the film features the main attractions and hotspots. Urban aspects like architecture, festivals, events, art and culture, going out, the port, sports, green environment, education, entrepreneurship and innovation, connectivity and transport also feature in this production. Rotterdam. Make it Happen.

Explore Rotterdam in 360 - Length: 3'49"
This '360 degree' video by the Rotterdam Port Authority will take you to the very heart of Rotterdam's port and the food sector. This video was made for the World Expo 2015 in Milan. You will have the best experience when you play this video on your smartphone or tablet. And don't forget to 'look around' (by moving your device)!

RDM Rotterdam - Length 1'27"
RDM Rotterdam is the innovation showcase for the Rotterdam Port area, displaying technology in a very appealing way. Right in the middle of the port - yet surprisingly close to the city - the former wharf of the Rotterdam Drydock Company (abbreviated in Dutch as RDM) now houses enterprise, education and research. In this location, they collaborate on designing a completely new manufacturing industry for port and city.

World's largest container ship in Rotterdam - Length 1'43"
How long does it take to bring in the MSC Oscar, the largest container ship in the world (396 metres long!), from the North Sea all the way to its mooring place at the Rotterdam Port? Watch this video and you'll know. This video was made during the MSC Oscar's first visit to Rotterdam in April 2015.

Rotterdam. Make it Happen. Length: 1'31"
'Make it Happen' displays the typical Rotterdam mindset and shows what city, port and its inhabitants stand for: pioneering, pushing boundaries, no-nonsense. The Rotterdam 'can do' attitude connects city, port and university. People from Rotterdam deliberately choose to embrace their own city, each and everyone shaping it in their very own way. Whether you live here, visit, run your business, or take part in a sector or cluster: Rotterdam. Make It Happen.

Rotterdam. Make it Happen. Length: 0'30"
Short promofilm. No spoken text (no voice over), only beautiful images from Rotterdam, supported by music.

How to reach Rotterdam from Schiphol Airport. Length: 2'42"
From Schiphol Airport it only takes half an hour to get to Rotterdam. Want to know how? Watch this short movie.

Rotterdam City of Sports. Here I am. Length: 3'03"
Rotterdam is a City of Sports. At all levels. Together, individually, indoor, outdoor, anonymously and on display for the whole world to see. Sports are in our blood. You could say that sports are 'our thing'.

Rotterdam Makes - Length: 3'20"
Rotterdam welcomes entrepreneurs, investors and venture capitalists who want to embrace the future. The courage to push boundaries is deeply embedded in this city's DNA. With its innovation-driven mindset and a 'can do' attitude, Rotterdam makes things possible which seem impossible elsewhere.

Animation: Rotterdam top event destination. Length: 1'08"

Rotterdam has a lot to offer as a event and congress destination. It is strategically located in Europe and has two airports nearby, so it's is easy to get to. It has top event locations and hotels, most within walking distance (or just a short public transport ride). And Rotterdam has a dynamic 'urban vibe' which makes a stay in the city a very enjoyable experience. Please view this short animation.

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