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presentations CCITP conference:

'International Conference on Crisis, Coercion and Intensive Treatment in Psychiatry (CCITP)'

October 18-19     De Doelen, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

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Wednesday October 17 (Pre-conference)

17:00 Presentation 1
Speaker : Prof. Niels Mulder, MD, PhD
Opening CCITP Conference!

19:15 Presentation 2
Speaker : Yolande Voskes, Phd
Zero Coercion: fairy taill or truth?

19:40 Presentation 3
Speaker : Dr. Gerdien Franx
The suicide prevention action networks: optimizing support and care so that no one in our communities dies by suicide

20:05 Presentation 4
Speaker : Marijke van Putten, MD
Zero beds in Utopia

Thursday October 18

09:00 Presentation 1
Speaker : Prof. Niels Mulder, MD, PhD
Welcome CCITP Conference!

09:15 Presentation 2
Speaker : Drs. Marjan ter Avest
Official opening of the First International Conference on Crisis, Coercion and Intensive Treatment in Psychiatry

09:30 Presentation 3
Speaker : Steve Miccio
Expertise by experience, peer support in crisis situations

10:00 Presentation 4
Speaker : Claudia Marinetti, PhD
Towards human rights compliant alternatives to coercion - a European perspective

11:00 Presentation 5
Speaker : Jeroen Traas MBA
Overview of the developments in finance and organisation of the Dutch acute mental health services

11:00 Presentation 6
Speaker : Elnathan Prinsen
Intensive Home Treatment the perfect way to reduce coercion

11:00 Presentation 7
Speaker : Frode Bremseth
Psychiatric Ambulance: A New Feature in Psychiatric Emergency Care. 7 years on the road

11:00 Presentation 8
Speaker : Guido Ruijgrok
General use of theoretical models of family therapy in the organisation of emergency psychiatry

12:00 Presentation 9
Speaker : Judith de Heus
Crisis lines and treatment at 113

12:00 Presentation 10
Speaker : Kjetil Hustoft
Voluntary or involuntary acute psychiatric hospitalization in Norway: A 24 hours follow up study

15:30 Presentation 11
Speaker : Andrew Molodynski, MBChB
Coercive measures and prevention of seclusion and restraint in Europe

16:00 Presentation 12
Speaker : Yolande Voskes, Phd
Intensive treatment in clinical settings, prevention of seclusion and restraint

Friday October 19

09:15 Presentation 1
Speaker : Prof. Stefan Priebe
Research, evidence, and practice of coercive treatment - what is the link?

10:00 Presentation 2
Speaker : Dr. Gerdien Franx
The Zero Suicide Journey

11:00 Presentation 3
Speaker : Tony Bloemendaal
Trauma Sensitive Caregiving in Clinical Psychiatry

13:30 Presentation 4
Speaker : E.P.K. Sikkens, MD
it's him again! Pilot psychiatric evaluation of disturbed suspects in Amsterdam.

13:30 Presentation 5
Speaker : Hans van de Moosdijk
The initiative of psychiatric emergency ambulance transportation in Amsterdam

14:00 Presentation 6
Speaker : Ayuk Bakia
The relationship between ethnicity, trauma, coping and prognosis in patients with a psychotic disorder

14:30 Presentation 7
Speaker : May-May Meijer
"I want to get out!": My experiences with coercion, psychosis and depression

15:30 Presentation 8
Speaker : Prof. Robert Vermeiren, MD, PhD
Prevention of crisis in youth mental health care

16:00 Presentation 9
Speaker : Brian Sims, MD
Trauma informed treatment

16:30 Presentation 10
Speaker : prof. Niels Mulder, MD, PhD
Closing ceremony conference 2018