Prof. Niels Mulder, MD, PhD

President of the EAOF, Department of Psychiatry, Erasmus MC, Rotterdam, The Netherlands



Marijke van Putten, MD

Psychiatrist and CEO of Mental Health Institute (MHI) Noord Holland Noord (NHN), The Netherlands.

Margret Overdijk, MBA

Director at mental health institute GGZ InGeest in the Netherlands. Treasurer of the board of the EAOF.



Prof. Berno van Meijel, PhD

Professor of mental health nursing at Inholland University of Applied Sciences (Amsterdam), VU University Medical Center (Amsterdam) and Parnassia Psychiatric Institute (The Hague)

Casper Nusselder

President of the SYMPOPNA Foundation, The Netherlands.


Yolande Voskes, PhD

Assistant professor at VU University medical centre and senior researcher at mental health institute GGZ Breburg

Jan Berndsen

CEO Lister, Association of Community Mental Health and Sheltered Living.